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Syroot.BinaryData Namespace

This namespace provides classes providing advanced binary data reading and writing functionality.
Public classBinaryStream
Represents a wrapper around a Stream to read from and write to it with default data format configurations.
Public classByteConverter
Represents a BitConverter which handles a specific endianness.
Public classByteConverterBig
Represents a ByteConverter which handles big endianness.
Public classByteConverterLittle
Represents a ByteConverter which handles little endianness.
Public classSeek
Represents a temporary seek to another position which is undone after the task has been disposed.
Public classStreamExtensions
Represents static extension methods for read and write operations on Stream instances.
Public enumerationBooleanCoding
Represents the set of formats of binary boolean encodings.
Public enumerationDateTimeCoding
Represents the set of formats of binary date and time encodings.
Public enumerationEndian
Represents the possible byte order of binary data.
Public enumerationStringCoding
Represents formats of binary string encodings.