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BinaryMemberAttribute Class

Represents a member configuration for reading and writing it as binary data.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Syroot.BinaryData
Assembly:  Syroot.BinaryData (in Syroot.BinaryData.dll) Version: 4.0.0
public class BinaryMemberAttribute : Attribute

The BinaryMemberAttribute type exposes the following members.

Public methodBinaryMemberAttribute
Initializes a new instance of the BinaryMemberAttribute class
Public propertyBooleanFormat
Gets or sets the format for Boolean members. Defaults to Byte.
Public propertyConverter
Gets or sets the IBinaryConverter type to read and write the value with.
Public propertyDateTimeFormat
Gets or sets the format for DateTime members. Defaults to NetTicks.
Public propertyLength
Gets or sets the number of elements to read or write. Required for IEnumerable members or strings when StringFormat is Raw. Multidimensional arrays are not supported.
Public propertyOffset
Gets or sets offset of this field in bytes. Can be negative. Defaults to 0.
Public propertyOffsetOrigin
Gets or sets the origin of the offset of this field. Defaults to Current.
Public propertyOrder
Gets or sets the number determining the order in which the member is read or written. If not specified, the members are written in alphabetical order.
Public propertyStrict
Gets or sets a value indicating whether enum values are checked for a valid value or set of flags. Defaults to false.
Public propertyStringFormat
Gets or sets the format for String members. Defaults to DynamicByteCount.
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