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ShaderParamAnim Class

Represents an FSHU subfile in a ResFile, storing shader parameter animations of a Model instance.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Syroot.NintenTools.Bfres
Assembly:  Syroot.NintenTools.Bfres (in Syroot.NintenTools.Bfres.dll) Version: 1.5.0
public class ShaderParamAnim : IResData

The ShaderParamAnim type exposes the following members.

Public methodShaderParamAnim
Initializes a new instance of the ShaderParamAnim class
Public propertyBakedSize
Gets or sets the number of bytes required to bake all AnimCurve instances of all ShaderParamMatAnims.
Public propertyBindIndices
Gets the indices of the Material instances in the Materials dictionary to bind for each animation. MaxValue specifies no binding.
Public propertyBindModel
Gets or sets the Model instance affected by this animation.
Public propertyFlags
Gets or sets flags controlling how animation data is stored or how the animation should be played.
Public propertyFrameCount
Gets or sets the total number of frames this animation plays.
Public propertyName
Public propertyPath
Gets or sets the path of the file which originally supplied the data of this instance.
Public propertyShaderParamMatAnims
Gets or sets the ShaderParamMatAnim instances creating the animation.
Public propertyUserData
Gets or sets customly attached UserData instances.
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