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Shape Class

Represents an FSHP section in a Model subfile.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Syroot.NintenTools.Bfres
Assembly:  Syroot.NintenTools.Bfres (in Syroot.NintenTools.Bfres.dll) Version: 1.5.0
public class Shape : IResData

The Shape type exposes the following members.

Public methodShape
Initializes a new instance of the Shape class
Public propertyBoneIndex
Gets or sets the index of the Bone to which this instance is directly attached to. The bone must be part of the skeleton referenced by the owning Skeleton instance.
Public propertyFlags
Gets or sets flags determining which data is available for this instance.
Public propertyKeyShapes
Public propertyMaterialIndex
Gets or sets the index of the material to apply to the shapes surface in the owning Materials list.
Public propertyMeshes
Gets or sets the list of Meshes which are used to represent different level of details of the shape.
Public propertyName
Public propertyRadiusArray
Gets or sets the bounding radii spanning each shape. In versions earlier than, only one radius is used.
Public propertySkinBoneIndices
Public propertySubMeshBoundingIndices
Public propertySubMeshBoundingNodes
Gets or sets the BoundingNode instances forming the bounding tree with which parts of a mesh are culled when not visible.
Public propertySubMeshBoundings
Public propertyTargetAttribCount
Gets or sets a value with unknown purpose.
Public propertyVertexBufferIndex
Gets or sets the index of the VertexBuffer in the owning VertexBuffers list.
Public propertyVertexSkinCount
Gets or sets the number of bones influencing the vertices stored in this buffer. 0 influences equal rigidbodies (no skinning), 1 equal rigid skinning and 2 or more smooth skinning.
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